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  • Blossom Berry Cake Box…
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    This scent is amazing. That is all there is to it. What makes it so amazing, you ask? Well my friend, not only is it the perfect blend between berries and flowers, but its made with ingredients that are absotively, positootly free from any suspicous chemicals or toxic goo. Nope, not a toxin in sight. Now you can smell fantastically delightful without compromising on the whole good for you thing. And isn't that just the bees knees! Blossom Berry Bathsalt Packet Blossom Berry 50g Bar Soap Strawberry Lip Butter Mini Blossom Berry Body Butter

  • Lavender Mini Tray Auto…
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    Relaxing. Calming. Soothing. Nourishing.

  • Skin Care To Go Auto…
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    Now you can take your 100% natural skin care everywhere you go with these handy travel sizes of our Transformative Cleansing Oil, Pomegranate FaceCream, and Hydrating Toner. Pack up clean and beautifully hydrated skin along with your extra socks, toothbrush, and lint roller. For skin that looks and feels great naked. The Toner and Cleansing Oil are 15mL and the Day Cream is 20mL.

  • Vanilla Coconut Mini…
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    Mini-sized coconut collection Mini Vanilla Coconut Body Butter 15g Cocoa Butter, Honey & Oatmeal Soap Vanilla Coconut Lip Butter

  • Love Your Feet Auto…
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    Your feet will feel as fresh as snow falling off a fir tree after experiencing the natural goodness tucked inside this beautiful little gift box. It's filled with everything you need to make your twinkletoes sparkle. The only thing that's not included is the foot rub!

  • Blossom Berry Mini Tray…
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    Feminine. Sweet. Delightful. Mini Blossom Berry Body Butter Hotel Sized Blossom Berry Soap Strawberry Lip Butter

  • Lip Butter Bliss Auto…
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    The only thing better than a 100% natural lip butter is four of them! Surprise them with four luscious flavours of the best lip butter in the world. The ultimate in moisture and protection, and the sweetest little gift! Coconut Lip Butter Strawberry Lip Butter Appricot Lip Butter Peppermint Lip Butter

  • Lavender Cake Box Auto…
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    Lavender is not just for pillow sachets, it is extraordinary for dry or irritated skin and her scent is famous for promoting relaxation and tension relief. Enjoy this helpful herb and her nourishing ways while she cleanses and moisturizes you into a state of perfect bliss. Best of all, you don't have to worry about any icky ingredients in any of these products, only the best ingredients mother nature offers are found inside.

  • Peace & Calm Auto renew
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    It's not easy to stay calm and in control these days, there are so many barriers to peace. Like parking tickets, dirty diapers, moldy veggies, and piles of laundry. So here are a few helpful tips to bring a zen-like quality to your day: Lavender has no side-effects, unlike horse tranquilizers. Marjoram can help induce sleep but minimize snoring, and it won't retaliate when you elbow it in the ribs. This lovely box contains everything you need to pamper and soothe yourself into a state of restful bliss, most importantly of all it can be achieved without any weird ingredients or toxic chemicals. Open and indulge in the gift full of worry-free goodies.

  • Love To Move Auto renew
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    Great for men or women, our On the Go set is perfect for the active person on your list. Best of all, everything is natural and toxin-FREE! From easing sore muscles, to keeping them smelling fresh, this giftalicious box will keep them smiling through all the joyful activity.

  • Vanilla Coconut Cake…
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    Vanilla and Coconut are two of the worlds most delicious scents. Put them together and what do you get? A mouth-watering tropical scent that will make you drool. Combined with the best natural ingredients to soothe, moisturize, nourish and protect your skin and you've got heaven in an adorable little gift.

  • Lavender Tall Cake Box…
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    Much like chain mail and Sean Connery, Lavender celebrates a long and glorious history. However the time of this beautiful smelling herb has not come to an end, for like Mr. Connery it still makes ladies ooh and aah and it will never be uncool. It's soothing to irritations, cuts and blemishes and its scent induces relaxation. So revel in these glorious and natural Lavender bath & body products and let them be kind and loving to your skin (unlike chain mail).

  • Juicy Cherry Cake Box…
  • Energize Me Auto renew
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    From a scrubby Minty Tea Tree soap, to a super zingy Lemon Lime bar. . . this giftset is for those who enjoy the energizing scents of Lemongrass, Lemon Lime, Tea Tree and Citrus. Wake them up with this shakin’ collection of natural and toxin-FREE goodness.

  • Unwind Gift Set Auto…
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    We all know someone who is constantly on the go and seems like they hardly take time to breathe. This set is lovingly packed with those folks in mind. Not only will these products foster a state of calm and peace, they’re also natural and completely toxin-FREE.